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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Winter Palace Summer Public Opening

ALEXANDRIA: State Rooms of The Winter Palace

This year's opening of The Winter Palace will once again allow visitors a spectacular and breath taking tour of one of the Nation's and World's most iconic buildings.  This year the tour will focus on the Crown Imperial Regalia.

The Iconic Winter Palace Facade

Visitors will enter via the Ambassador's Entrance

The Ambassador's Entrance contains a life-sized statue of Tsar Alexander I, founder of Alexandria

The Throne Room 

The Throne Room is the setting for Coronations and the receipt of Imperial Awards

The Palace Ball Room 

The Ball Room hosts an overwhelming display of Imperial Crown Regalia this year

The Coronation photograph of Their Imperial Majesties in the Palace Ballroom shows the Imperial Crown Regalia in use

The Palace Kitchens 

Although not part of the tour, visitors may buy refreshments from the Palace Kitchens

The Grand Staircase 

Visitors can witness the Palace being restored as work continues on newly commissioned stairs

The Music Room

Enjoy listening to music played by talented Alexandrian teenage musicians each day

The Balcony

Evening Tour visitors will be able to step out onto the famous Balcony and enjoy the spectacular view down the Imperial Mall usually only seen by members of the Imperial Family on great occasions of State; such as here, the Coronation of the Emperor and Empress. 
Please book tickets early to avoid disappointment.  The Palace is open daily throughout August from 9am to 5pm.  Personalised group evening tours are available from 7pm to 9pm and include a buffet dinner in the Blue Drawing Room with access onto the famous Balcony.  Numbers for Evening Tours are limited.


  1. I love your blog. Very very cool. I'll give it a thorough look as I only discovered it now.

    1. Thank You.... I have neglected it for a while... used lockdown to clean it all up!

  2. I especially love the photo of the enthroned Imperial Family. I like the fact that you have a whole palace out of Lego.

    1. Yep it's the Lego Imperial Family!

    2. I lost heart in the whole thing as my house was burgled... Intruders accessed via conservatory and literally went through everything! They took the Lego Crown jewels (thinking they were real) I gave up after that being creative as people are really greedy and cruel!
      I now have super video cams and home security... so I might start being creative again!

  3. I also have a blog that combines toys with the concept of Royalty. Have a look as I would really enjoy your thoughts on it.

  4. Wonderful! How did you make HIM's dress? Absolutely amazing!

    1. Hello!
      I've been locked up and living life! Lego has taken a side step... Dresses are made using an old Singer Sewing machine and gold/satin thread...