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Monday, 5 August 2013

Official State Visit Announced

ALEXANDRIA: The Winter Palace

Their Imperial Majesties, Tsar Peter III and The Tsarina will be making their first official State Visit to the Italia-Caprican States this August.
Both The Tsar and Tsarina, accompanied by HIH The Grand Duchess Alexandra, will be visiting The Governor General of Italia-Caprica, Their Graces the Duce and Duchessa di Parravicini e Monza at their summer residence Casa Casiraghi on the outskirts of Monza.  HIH The Crown Prince Imperial Frederick will remain at The Summer Palace at Berinstorff.
The State Visit was requested by the Regional Government in 2012 as part of a local initiative to promote Italia-Caprican cultural and artistic trade with other parts of the Caprican Empire globally.
Italia-Caprica is fervently loyalist towards the Empire and no doubt a huge supportive turnout will be enjoyed by the Imperial Couple and their eldest daughter, The Grand Duchess.

The visit was proclaimed as a complete success for Caprican and Italia-Caprican Dominions pledging further unity with regards defence and with cultural and trade ties strengthened further. 

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